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Joblr Search Engine Visibility Scoring™

Compare your website’s search engine visibility with your competition

If you don’t measure, you cannot improve. The core of Joblr Self-service SEO is an advanced process that measures your website’s online visibility for keywords you select and compares your site to the competitors you choose. Joblr Visibility Scoring reports to you in easy-to-read graphs delivered in your Joblr account online.
Best of all, Joblr combines today’s critical online visibility factors into a single score between one and 100. It’s easy to track your progress over time compared to your competitors and your overall market.
When you want to understand the factors contributing to your visibility, you can drill down to individual graphs for each element. Joblr currently provides nine unique reports for nine critical factors and two pages that aggregate your data for your convenience.
Combined Data:
  • My Competitor Comparison
  • My Visibility Score
  • My Visibility Score for All My Websites (for multiple-site Joblr accounts)
Visibility Factors:
  • Pages Indexed
  • Link Popularity
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Joblr Competitor Hitlist™
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Alexa Reach
  • Google PageRank  
As new factors affecting your online visibility emerge, as they surely will, Joblr Visibility Scoring will incorporate them in the process. Joblr’s US patent-pending process ensures you will always be able to compare your scores for ongoing benchmarking, even when parts of the underlying data change. Your Visibility Scoring is valid from Day One for as long as you subscribe to Joblr.
How fast you can run 100 yards is not nearly so important as how fast the competition can!


My Competitor Comparison

One of the unique features of Joblr Visibility Scoring is the way you can measure both your results and your competitors’ side by side. This way you can follow your relative visibility in search engines, which is much more valuable than just your own. Below you will find examples of the charts and tables that are included in the competitor comparison reports. These charts you also appear grouped in  "Competitor Comparison".
Subscribe to Joblr PRO and you can monitor up to five competitors, 10 with Joblr ELITE. Need more?  You can add competitors for a very reasonable rate:
  • 2 extra competitors: $10 /month ($5.00 per competitor/month)
  • 5 extra competitors: $15 /month ($3.00 per competitor/month)
  • 10 extra competitors: $20 /month ($2.00 per competitor/month) 


My Visibility

In "My Visibility" you will find individuals graphs and tables illustrating your website’s Visibility. This is a good way to get a full overview of your own site’s performance.

My Visibility Score

Your Visibility Score is a number between one and 100, calculated using the Joblr Visibility Scoring algorithm. This simple number sums up all the Visibility data for your website. Joblr recalculates your Visibility Score after each scheduled data collection. Joblr furthers sums up Visibility Scores for competitors you select, making it easy to compare your progress over time to your competitors.

Visibility Score For All My Sites

If you have more than one website subscribed to Joblr you will get one additional report showing you how well each of your sites scores today and scored three months ago in a simple comparison.  A perfect executive overview.
This report is the first-of-its-kind and a truly unique and highly valuable way to monitor all of your sites, see which ones perform well and which need improvement. Your Joblr Visibility Score provides a single standard measurement for all your sites, even if each targets different keywords, so you can compare all your sites’ visibility. Visibility Scoring is color-coded. Green means great.  Yellow means OK. Red means “needs help fast!”

Pages Indexed

This report shows how many pages you and your competitors have indexed in each of the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo Bing. The more pages you have indexed, the more likely it is that one of them will be found.

Link Popularity

One of the most important factors for indexing and ranking well in search engines is how many other authoritative websites link to you, often called your link popularity. The more high-quality links you have the more likely it is that all your pages get indexed and rank well.

Keyword Ranking

The Joblr Ranking Report is a unique way of looking at ranking data. Not only can you see your own rankings in each of the three major engines but you can also see all your selected competitor's ranks.
Joblr calculates a ranking score based on the visibility algorithm. This is a simple number that takes into account all the rankings and their individual values. This makes it easy to compare your total ranking values over time and compare it to your competitors - something otherwise impossible if you just look at raw ranking data.

Alexa Rank 

Alexa collects data from millions of users who have installed the Alexa toolbar. On you can see statistics for most websites on the web. Joblr shows you two types of Alexa data: your Alexa Rank and Alexa Reach. Alexa Rank is the ranking that Alexa assigns to all websites on the web. The site with the most traffic gets a rank value of 1, the second number 2, and so on. With millions of websites on the web, most websites do not rank in single digits but rather in the 10's or 100's of thousands.

Alexa Reach

Alexa Reach is the other set of Alexa data in the Joblr Visibility Scoring. Alexa Reach shows how many users out of each million internet users you reach.

Google PageRank

Google "PageRank" is a "popularity value" assigned by Google to every single document in their index, in part based on the value Google has assigned to the links to your site from other websites.
The higher the value the more likely it is that your website will rank well in Google - in theory, at least. In general, you should not over-emphasize the value of PageRank. Joblr includes PageRank so you can compare it to the link popularity numbers in your Google PageRank report. This way you can see if both lank popularity value and Google PageRank values follow each and verify each other or not, which may signal a problem.


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